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spPokemon Volcano. The free online pokemon game

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Pokemon Volcano

Pokemon Volcano is a free online pokemon game.
You don't need to download anything, only register for free and start playing.

If you liked Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Diamond, ... you will love Pokemon Volcano.

In this game, you control a Pokemon trainer with one starter pokemon. You'll have to capture new pokemon to train your fantastic team.
Capture as many pokemon as you can so your chances of defeating a gym leader will be larger.
You must win Gyms Medals in order to enter new Gyms.

Only the best Pokemon Trainers will be allowed to enter the Pokemon Safary Park, with exciting new Pokemon never seen before.

Join now and start playing.

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Main characteristics

  • Free
  • Very fast movements
  • All the original pokemon
  • Lots of maps to find wild pokemon
  • Real online fights
  • Level up your pokemon
  • Lots of medals
  • Shiny, dark, metal pokemon
  • New pokemon (on development)
  • Teams (create your own team)
  • Rankings

Try the game now and you will enjoy a great pokemon game.
Tell your friends about this pokemon game and fight with them.
Make lot of friends here with our online chat system.

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