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Welcome to Pokémon Volcano, the Free Online Pokémon Game

Here you can play a great pokémon game for free. Start playing pokémon volcano right now.
Game in constant development, with lots of maps, gyms, teams, online chat, and lots of players all around the world.

Pokemon Volcano. The free online pokemon game

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About us

Pokemon Volcano is being developed by the father of a Pokemon fan
One of my soons likes pokemon a lot. He has a Nintendo DS and plays Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl, Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon Link ...

One day, I decided to program an online game about Pokemon, and here we are!!

I am a senior Computer Engineer, with a lot of experience on development of online web games.

Some of my works:
- Megarol: Rol online game
- Pokemon Black: Old Pokemon Game
- Pokemon Negro: Spanish Pokemon Game
- Lucha de clanes: Online Strategy Game (Spanish)

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