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Welcome to Pokémon Volcano, the Free Online Pokémon Game

Here you can play a great pokémon game for free. Start playing pokémon volcano right now.
Game in constant development, with lots of maps, gyms, teams, online chat, and lots of players all around the world.


- Program to make maps for Pokemon Volcano: Download Map Maker (here)

- Tiles to be used with the map maker: Download Tiles

- Instructions for using the map editor are here: Instructions, (German tutorial here: click for german version)

Instructions to make maps for Pokemon Volcano:

1) Download the map Editor called "Tiled" here

2) Install the program

3) Run Tiled

4) Click on "New Map", choose "Ortogonal", Map Size Height = "30", Map Size Width = "20", TileSize Width and Height = "16"

5) Choose the tileset if not done previously

6) Click on the menu "Map"

7) Click on "New TileSet"

8) On Image, click on "Browse", and choose the image "..........." from disk

9) Set Margin to " ", and Spacing to " "

10) Click on "OK"

11) Draw the map using the tiles on the right

12) Save the map

13) Send me the map you have generated :)



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