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Welcome to Pokémon Volcano, the Free Online Pokémon Game

Here you can play a great pokémon game for free. Start playing pokémon volcano right now.
Game in constant development, with lots of maps, gyms, teams, online chat, and lots of players all around the world.

Getting Started

This is a little help on getting started with this Pokemon Game.


Create an account

To start playing, you need a free account.
Click on SIGN UP button on the top of the page.
Enter the data requested on the form:
- Nickname: the name you will use on the game.
- Password: the password you will use to enter the game.
- Password 2: you must enter your password again.
- Email: your email address. (You should receceive a confirmation mail).       This email address will be used to do the login.
      If you loose your password, it will be sent ONLY to your email, so, use a valid email address.
- Referenced-by: If a friend invited you, enter his/her e-mail here
- Checkbox: to receive mails: if you want to receive the Pokemon Volcano mails (newsletter or important notices) directly on your email, please, check this option.

Once you have filled all fields (be careful with your email address), you can click the Create Account button.

If no error has been found, an email will be inmediately sent to your mail box.
Check your email box for the message and click the confirmation link inside.
Please, check your spam box if you can't see the message on your mailbox.

The confirmation is not needed, but you can get some bonusses by confirming your account.



Once you have your account, you can login into the game.
On the main page, enter your email address and your password.

If you lost your password, it can be recovered, but you need access to your mailbox.


Playing the game

First time you log-in the game, you have to choose your initial pokemon.
Read the welcome message, choose your pokemon and click continue to go to the game.

The main game page will be shown.
You will see a Menu on top of the page for access to some game options.
A map showing your position (a small trainer), and your pokemon at the bottom.
To move, you can use the arrow keys or click on the movement wheel at the right of the map.
The movement is fast, no page reloads are needed.

You should move into the map to find pokemon.
Not all zones has pokemon inside. Not all pokemon appears on the same zones.
You should move and find the pokemon you want.
Some pokemon will attack you directly, so, the combat page whill be shown after your movement.
Other pokemon will not attack you. When you find a pokemon, it will be shown at the top right of the map.
You can see the pokemon and its level. Click on the pokemon if you want to attack it.

Be careful, some pokemon are very difficult to find.
If you find a pokemon and miss to attack it, maybe you have lost your opportunity for a very long time.


Options Menu

Play: Go to the main game page (the one with the map).
User data: Change your password, options ...
Pokemon Box: Move pokemon positions, send pokemon to the box or get a pokemon from the box ...
Help: Go to the help page to find help about some topic.
Forum: Go to the forums. A good place to talk with other users.
Logout: Get out of the game session. Click Logout before leaving the game.

Pokemon Centers and Pokeshops

To go to a Pokemon Center or a Pokeshop, you must move on the map.
You can see on the map some houses that can be pokemon centers or pokeshops.
When your icon is on top of one of this positions, on the right side of the map, you will see a new option (a link to enter the site).
Click on the link (an image with a Pokemon Center for example) and you will enter.

On Pokemon Centers you can:
- Heal your pokemons
- Go to the Pokemon Box and send pokemon to your box or out of the box

Note: You can't move pokemon out of the box if you are not in a Pokemon Center

On Pokeshops you can buy or sell items (pokeballs, potions ...)



For more information, please, go to the help pages or forums.


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